Repeat Slow Ability Part 2: The Return of Divide by Zero


So far the best summary of the problems with RSA can be found from the blog of Mladen Jovanovic’s post called Trouble with RSA. It’s direct, clear, and shares the evidence in a elegant manner. I don’t believe in breaking tradition unless an improvement exists. Everyone likes new but without the improved it’s just circular. Each month I ask questions to an expert who goes by Divide by Zero on blogs for some outside the box thinking from an insider. For years the analogy of not making more ketchup with tomato juice is our way of explaining that people need an intense stimulation (whole tomatoes) not diluted stimulus (tomato juice) to make changes to people close to their genetic ceiling. Many times I ask about speed testing to coaches and get a response of we do it each year but nobody develops it. While chronologically professional players are older, speed training wise they are toddlers when absolute global sprinting is not done.
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