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A few people asked what I feel about Coach Thomas after I wrote a five part article series for the site, knowing that I am critical of educational materials. Some coaches were shocked that I enjoyed Movement by Gray Cook when I don’t use the FMS at all. I have known Latif Thomas for close to 10 years now and everywhere he is gone (3 schools) he has produced champions. While state records can come from the lottery, as early in my year I won the DNA Powerball with some great athletes, you have to do it year after year with many athletes. He and I should never talk politics and religion, but when it comes down to coaching hands on he has done and you must give credit to the guy. High School coaching doesn’t get the credit it deserves, and I wanted to thank him for making materials form Dan Pfaff, Tom Tellez, Boo Schexnayder, and Cliff Rovelto available.
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