Regeneration Metrics Part 5- Morphological Adaptation Tracking


One professional team invested 20,000 Euros into custom software filters for MRI and MSK US to track injuries and training adaptations. What is interesting is that much of the software was for the Equine Industry. We think of million dollar athletes in the NFL or NBA, but what about horses? Sadly much of the good innovation first comes from horses because they can’t communicate pain like humans. What is key is the imaging put into practical monitoring without investing into a lot time. For example, one screening system used each year didn’t catch an achilles problem mounting over the years. After the tear the question was why didn’t they track the problem better as the findings showed a long history at the injury site. After surgery the athlete’s agent made a very interesting call to management and he performance and medical team was quickly replaced. Imagining is now digital, and the race to quantify it in Dashboards is underway.
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