Full Circle: Timeless Core Training


When I saw this picture I could not help but chuckle how Diving and Pole Vault are way ahead of the functional crowd with regards to core training. Currently I smell a shift in people’s thought processes but change is not necessarily improvement. Olympic lifts were dangerous, now they are included in articles. Flexion in general was evil, now zones and certain ranges are safe. The best way to keep up with the trends is to avoid trends and focus on logic, good research, practice, and of course history. A few years ago an athlete of mine was doing a Half Bubka at a commercial facility while we were on the road. Three trainers swarmed him as he was getting into lumbar flexion and they started quoting popular experts. Now things are going the other way. My suggestion is to visit a polevault coach and or diving performance/sport coach and pick up the art of coaching exercises.
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