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Not trying to scare Gabe Sanders off from getting married, but the timing is perfect.In 1998 I went to a seminar in San Francisco and Dr. Fleck stated during his periodization discussion not to fall in love with one exercise. That was hard for me to swallow since I wanted to use the olympic lifts more, but many of the athletes were not ready to do so. Later in my career it became don’t’ fall in love with anything, as even a good cue may not work for the same athlete later in his or her career. Falling in love with one anything can be a workout or routine as well. Sometimes things will get used over and over again because it’s the best option, but only if you need to, not because we want to. Bias in training is sometimes masquerading as style, but we see it with a lot of programs online. The good programs seem not to be special on paper because it’s coached well, not because it has special exercises or special training cycles.
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