The Golden Touch- John Smith


Wisdom usually comes from experience and sharing mistakes openly. John Smith is one of my favorite speakers believe it or not, especially his Q and A time as his pragmatic approach is so direct. His program may be influenced by others in design, but I like the way he coaches and makes change. Change live is not easy and most of the time average guys like me take longer because it’s about years of a relationship vs science. While it’s good to know the science, you need decades of working with people. I have been coaching a little over ten years and feel that most of my growth came from watching good coaches work with athletes. At the end of the day you need to taste it, meaning you can’t learn by reading research or debating but actually creating results. One of my goals is getting someone to break 12.8 in the 110m hurdles, something I hope I can do in my lifetime. I think most coaches know what to do science wise, but getting others to do it is the art.
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