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Autoregulation and cybernetic periodization is just going by feel. The problem is that sometimes feelings are deceptive. Ironically some have preached how well they do with cybernetic periodization but end up with surgery. Training logs may help us reflect on what happened, but predictions from equipment and sports training laws are key resources. Still, nothing beats the attendance board and seeing if you showed up and were not in the phyio room. Coaching experience is often a lesson in the terrible too’s. Too much, too soon, too often, too fast, with too little rest. My main concern is too soon, as sequence is the most mysterious variable of all. Good plans are loose plans, but without a plan you are just winging it and that is a risky path. What I do each year is call up other coaches and ask for help. Many times changes in a program is a path other coaches have done and can share valuable insight of the pros and cons.
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