Renaldo: 30 Years ago


I wanted to write more about Renaldo Nehemiah and Wilbur Ross on the 19th to celebrate one of the most impressive track and field performances ever. I didn’t have much to say but read the Hurdler’s Bible if you coach the event. Some things are provocative, some perhaps inaccurate, but all of it is from the heart. Wilbur’s passion and genius was amazing and his influence on me made me think about the physics of the event as well as the communication between the coach and athlete. I don’t want to get too prose but the athlete is the hiker, the coach the compass, and the past history of other’s body of work is the map. We may take other paths, but it’s likely because other hikers actually trekked the road for us. What about sport science? It’s the stars. We look up and and get guidance from time to time and wonder, but looking forward the people doing the trekking are the trailblazers.
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