RE$T- The Undervalued Variable


Every month I see workouts at private facilities designed for profits and not performance. The approach is now infecting the public sector with people doing a lot of stuff between lifts. While I love circuits, now we have total body training that resembles aerobic classes than something anabolic. Why? People are afraid to rest because it hurts profits, or the head coach is watching- and the down time looks like you are not prepared or training hard enough. Time is the enemy with all programs, but sometimes rest must be passive. Passive rest allows the athletes to observe other athletes training, coaches to give necessary feedback on training, and to focus on intense actions. Many programs don’t allow rest because they don’t train hard enough on the intense work to merit rest ironically, but in time they will hit a wall. Rest is to support high intensity work and not an excuse not to complete the necessary volume, another problem to talk about later.
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