Microstretching Revisited


Static stretching seems like the trusty hammer, not sexy, but it works day in an day out. One proponent of precise and low intensity static stretching is Nikos Apostolopoulos, the inventor of microstretching. For decades Nikos warned about inflammation and aggressive stretching but until the research on HRV, cortisol, and DOMS pain- not enough people listened. Microstretching has evolved to more than light static stretching methods, it’s now part of integrated approaches such as breathing stretching and yoga style techniques. I have never left the method of Nikos, even when more aggressive methods became popular. Some have abandoned static work altogether for more eccentric based options, or, instrument based therapy, but I clinig to three times a week with light static stretching on easy days, during the evening,or 90 minutes after training. For more information you can visit his website at microstretching.com.
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