Death to Energy System Development


Since killing off methods or exercises seems to be en vogue, I will review some increasingly popular trends to move away from physiology to velocity. With all of the technologies such as motion capture, laser timing systems, and AGPS being released this winter, what should we do differently? Not much. Coaches may move away from stopwatch to electronic timing as it has become affordable now, but most conditioning systems support locomotion systems. I love alternate means as it allows for conditioning via scaffolding with injuries, weather, and other restraints, but doing KB swings for time may get you a workout but in’t not going to help a soccer player pass a yo-yo test directly. It’s important to look at the Gary Winckler Charts and now UKA Charts on speed/effort, rest, and distances to see what modality is useful for developing team speed. Conditioning supports one’s speed as you need to make the play first before repeating it.
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