Quick To Ripe and Quick To Rot- Detraining and Tapering


I was looking at Mike Young’s past blog entry and some DVD highlights and I think more coaches should look at detraining. Detraining isn’t just about the transition phase, but about sequencing phases from GPP to Competition. Sometimes detraining turns grapes to raisins, but if you need wine, one must look at the timing of events more carefully. For example weeks after Max strength phases I see great boosts in speed before a taper, as I have not experimented with other options being a classic USATF guy. This year I am going a little more contemporary and will see what minimal thresholds are necessary since we are forced to train differently because of weather and time restrictions. Mujika and Padilla have some great analysis of detraining in their studies with athletes with muscular characteristics of detraining and I suggest reading it.
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