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Remember to keep the posture of the tempo running neat and high. Low hips cause excessive breaking action on the landing phase. Tempo running or long distance biomechancis have landings farther in front of the center of mass then speed biomechancis. Sprint landings tend to be closer to bottom of the center of mass of the body than endurance type runs. (Francis 2002)

Regenerationlab July 10, 2003

My blog entry was before the Nike Free and minimalist shoe rage now, but coaches decades before me were having athletes run barefoot. What to expect? You are not going to build arch height of the foot, but what does barefoot training really do? What does the research say? Not much so far, but I think some benefit exists. Like all training moderation is important. I think some strides on the grass and some cool down exercises are good enough, and maybe a few days running tempo barefoot is a good option. I will be doing a formal review of the literature in an article down the road.
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