7 Steps- What to expect in the Future


I agreed that Coach Steve was on the money and I predicted 7 steps would be here to stay. Why? It’s the only way to make progress in the 110m hurdles for taller hurdles. Like the 100m with Bolt, I think the event will be popular with taller athletes as 7 steps becomes the norm. I do think the event can get down to 12.7s without change to the first hurdle, but getting to sub 13 earlier in one’s career may give the chance for the new generation of hurdlers to get comfortable being faster earlier. The problem is that one needs to add air time in order to hit near 11m or so, since elite sprinters are about seven steps for 10m. Cutting the stride for 8 or extending for 7 requires artificial intervention. Will people be switch hitters in the future and do both based on how they feel in warm-ups? I don’t think so but time will tell.
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