How I trained Captain America


Since superhero training is now part of fitness culture, I thought I would tell a funny story. Sometime after filming Fantastic Four, Chris Evans decided to train at Longfellow for a bit, a facility that I worked at. At Longfellow, we had 12 State champions, many state record holders and many All-Americans. During that time pull-ups rings were gaining momentum and I liked using the brand from Tyler Hass, a great guy that donated them. Chris wanting to get a good exercise asked us what a good pull-up option was and I suggested the rings. After a few sets he then did some other exercises and he was on his way. The purpose of the story is we have a problem with taking credit for virtually nothing, as seen by my brief encounter. I had nothing to do with Chris getting ready for his movie, and we must be careful not to take too much credit for what we are doing.
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