Regeneration Metrics Part 4- Hormones and Fatigue


Is hormone testing important? A simple blood panel testing general health has a higher impact than all of the nonsense we are seeing with some teams in Europe. Where is the impact? One Director of Performance clearly indicated that worrying about the possible 2% was not worth if if you are not doing the basics really well. I agree. Get in shape first then worry about recovery. High frequency training in the GPP for 10-12 weeks will create statistically significant changes in hormones positively. I have seen athletes go from 750 to 920 ng/dl on total testosterone and some that broke a thousand after two years of serious training. Free Testosterone went from 210 to 300 ng/dl, showing positive changes. Some athletes stayed the same and made more progress with times. So long as athletes are improving in training and health is sustained, the numbers will improve. Chasing cortisol swab numbers is just as bad as looking for a back squat number to take you sub ten.
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