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Now that some players are already getting surgeries, the NFL Dead Pool, a game of injury prediction with some coaches, started Tuesday. What teams will be the most injured? If you are a fantasy football fan and want to get more information on how they do injury statistics go to Football Outsiders for a good primer on injuries. The reason I love football is that competition is once a week, similar to track and field. Monitoring training is not about the day before or day after the game, but what you do in the middle. Some coaches have athletes lift on Monday, the day after the game. Some wait a few days and lift later on Tuesday. I don’t know the constraints but athletes should be in the pool as much as possible. After years of of seeing the soreness and range of motion changes from pool workouts it’s like giving the team 20 extra days a year by doing basic aquatic work. Sadly most teams use the pool as little as 5%.
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