CNS Fatigue and RSA- Bishop and the Brain Surgeon


However, the actual relevance that these changes in the CNS can have on RSA remains largely unknown. In this regard, the maintenance of motor neuron activity and power output may be due to entirely different mechanisms.-Bishop et al.

When power drops so does relaxation rate. Many injuries occur when muscles fatigue because they contract at the wrong time because relaxation rates fizzle. In addition, the shift of aerobic contributions from general and repeat sprints with partial recovery times is easy to do. The art is when to leave speed work and add the repeating sprint training in phases of time (Blocks) or within distribution (Blending Methods). The Dutch tables very influenced by the classic rest periods from Italian Speed Endurance training of at least 30 seconds rest. The longer the sprint the more complicated the juggling act as risk increase but threshold and tolerance expands. Parasympathetic reactivation rates proposed by Buchheit with RSA is suggested reading.
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