Ankle Mobility Webinar- Soft Tissue Therapy


Self Mobs were the the next big thing. Who needs a physical therapist when we can do ankle mobility by ourselves and prescribe them for our athletes. While the lure of doing corrective exercise is convenient, the truth is ground reaction forces can’t do what hands do, or sometimes what water does. Static stretching is nice, but as you can see after watching the Webinar here, it’s more complicated than driving your knee to a wall or swinging your leg on a slant board. All of that stuff helps, but much of the restrictions come from people not doing long warm-ups for tone, eccentric calf raises, and deep squatting anymore. The Webinar by Til is a nice one, but it’s incomplete for joint mobility and the specific volumes of work needs to be very high for ranges below 5 degrees. What works in reality is what the dorsiflexion and other scores after heavy training and competition, not the goniometer number after a session during time off.
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