Depletion and Accumulation in Sprinting


A relationship exists with explosive and talented (fiber percentage) athletes in speed development (Maximal and RSA). The question is what sequence of rest ratios work best? GPP to SPP phases have been researched with teams, but no much in the literature addresses the sequence of when you progress to the right phase. Development in RSA is tricky and nobody can claim that they have the secret recipe, but getting fast and sustaining speed is more art than science. Over time, rest intervals will reduce and distances will increase with some programs, and, other variables such as percent maximum intensities and volumes are part of the formula. What ever is used, many coaches in clinics talk about hitting benchmarks or staying in phases for certain time periods. One question I will be asking Dr. Bonomi is what types of depletion levels he is looking for with athletes, as the relationships he sees is something I am not familiar with.
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