Rapid Cytoskeleton Remodeling


Some interesting studies on repair and regeneration is making me think about how important general fitness is when receiving massive doses of therapy. Time after time I see the athletes who maintain fitness in some way while hurt can receive more therapy per session back to back than those who take a break to get healthy. I am setting up a microscope for a clinic doing some very progressive work with rehabilitation. The macnification program, a OS X program, is going to be a major role in evaluating what is working on injury sites. I have been visiting some world class therapists and it seems to me that massive doses of therapy is very taxing on the body to the point one needs to nearly train for it. I am not an advocate for squatting daily, but I think training daily and doing some assistance work does have merit. After a little more filming today I will get into more detail on some of the necessary steps when in a high end rehabilitation program.
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