Regeneration Metrics Part 3- Soft Tissue Therapy and Muscle Repair


A lot of readers are confused about the truth of fibroblasts and instrument assisted therapy from various tools. I have always been suspicious about all of the talk with animal studies creating all of these cellular changes since what if a study came out saying more scar tissue was created from the manual therapy tools? What about the timeline of regeneration of various therapy systems? How does a soft tissue therapist collect data with their interventions? When you have access to some great equipment, it’s amazing some of the questions coaches have when they see some methodologies that now must be questioned. If you are a post college sprinter or jumper and interested in being part of some exciting case studies using Elastography and some other fantastic therapies, one clinic is offering a large stipend for research. You must have made the A standard for next year’s olympic games for August. Private Message me or email for more information.
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