Accelerated Regeneration 2.0 Video Offer


With London calling, many athletes are looking for help with injuries. Instead of recording a lecture we are making the presentation interactive. So to help a 110m hurdler we decided to open up a project of mine for readers interested to see what international regeneration methods are being employed as we speak. For the donation of $25.00 you are getting a custom presentation with question and answer audio interview of an emerging world class athlete. This presentation is based on off last year’s mini summit and includes protocols and injury timelines. We are making this open to only 10 members because the presentation is bottom up, meaning the questions about an adductor injury regeneration program come from the viewer. Some good live footage will be available as well. Download the brochure here.
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Carl Valle

Carl Valle

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Carl is an expert coach who has produced champions in swimming, track and numerous other sports. He is one of the foremost experts in the fields of nutrition and restoration.
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