Bullet Speed Bodywork: Anatomy Trains and Sport


Fascia is important but the muscular system is just as important. Anatomy Trains is not a trail guide or a system, it’s a process. Working with various therapists of the years and focusing myself on biomechanics, a relationship exists with new tracks. Tom Myers is hot right now and he should be, but other therapists who don’t speak as much are more vital as they are the ones in the trenches experimenting and finding new connections. Most of the new tracks are based on posture, locomotion, and training design. Many coaches have unique signatures with therapy as each program overloads the body slightly differently. Another unique signature are the athletes, and each has specific needs for their body. New connections are being found with therapists as we speak. For example the psoas to quad connection is weak, but the adductor magnus to hamstring group is strong. For more information on Anatomy Trains and KMI please visit here.
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