Flojo and Hip Height- Film Noir


A lot of discussion was brought up regarding horizontal and vertical forces in maximal sprinting. This reminds me of the the stride length and stride frequency talk of the past. Charlie and other talked about vertical displacement and I am more interested in the pelivic drop, distances and distortion, over how much air time exists. When developing athletes too much gray and not enough black and white exists with mechanics. What is constant is gravity, distance, and time. Physiology is very gray, but biomechanics is more clear, but still not black and white. So what to do? I suggest getting a copy of Jan Melen’s book as well as Ralph Mann’s text on sprinting. My belief is that things are more obvious than we think, but do we have confidence to keep the training clear? I am a fan of Dan Lieberman because he is very down to earth and is based on human design. His research is available online in PDF here.
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