Regeneration Metrics Part 1- Why Soccer is Slow to Recover


The reason soccer recovery is slow is because the athletes are slow in training in many programs. Soccer has a reputation of over-conditioning in general, therefore explosiveness can be diluted. Those that are explosive get hurt because they have no system capacity to handle fatigue. What occurs in soccer is the Lambos are in the shop and the Civics are playing consistently. The reason the explosive players get re-injured is because they can make an impact without much conditioning, because of their speed, and never get back into shape… thus restarting the injury cycle again. So what is the most important variable or metric series in regeneration? Not ice baths or low level lasers but actual training. The more days you put in safely that increases capacity the less likely you will get re-injured. Note I didn’t say injured, because many times freak accidents will occur. It’s amazing how fast muscle and other tissues can repair when it’s been trained properly.
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