The Sleeper Stretch Debate-Now What?


Many coaches in the throws or even multi-events are wondering who to listen to regarding shoulder health. The sleeper stretch a few years ago became the next big thing as strength coaches starting to cross the lines over to Physical Therapy. Recently Jeff Cubos and Mike Reinold have shared their opinion as matter and now the question is when is it appropriate and who is wasting their time. Like any exercise or therapy option, the tool analogy is a good lesson but it also limits us. Everyone says the right tool for the job, but in reality let’s stop repairing people in the first place so we don’t need huge tool boxes with wannabe therapy. If sports performance and sports medicine would only work together more we would see less gaps and less overlap (read waste of time and creating more stress). Communication starts with good record keeping and organizations need to focus on real time data collection and sharing.
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