Drill baby Drill- Good Posts on Teaching Mechanics


Coach Vick and Vern Gambetta posted some good information on using drills. In the US most coaches call exercises that help with mechanics drills because of the military influence we had from WW2, that label creates a lot of mindless training. There are no bad drills as Kebba Tolbert posted 7 years ago, but just inappropriate options for that time with that athlete. Some coaches have elaborate progressions with countless drills, some have none, most are somewhere in the middle. Cues are often in the same boat with what to say to get people to do the right thing. Some coaches are freestyle poets, some are nearly invisible, and similar to drill usage, most are somewhere in the middle again. The art of coaching is not just creativity, it’s the foresight to see what hasn’t been made yet and deciding on what tool to use.
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