Squat Jump, CMJ, and Acceleration Relationships


The Box Jump post created some good discussion on the relationships between jumping and the 40 yard dash. Some great jumpers can’t accelerate very well, usually because they are dependent on elastic responses. Many CMJ specialists are not good Squat Jumpers, and those that Squat Jump well have a good 5m burst because the flight times are minimal because of the horizontal emphasis. We did a VJ test with three sprinters in 2003 and the lowest vertical was an olympian, and the highest was an athlete who had only some national level success. The lesson learned is that a great CMJ is not a cardinal sign of success, but having a high vertical is not a sign of doom for sprinting either. Most coaches shape and mold all types of explosive characteristics in order to improve 30m times. The best way to see relationships is longitudinal testing with teams of sprinters and see what is working with splits.
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