World Class Therapy: Free Valencia Project 2.0


After spending 200 hours on intense case studies we decided to release the next 12 Valencia Project Topics as public interactive videos instead of just narrated powerpoint slides. This means anyone may get part 1 for free for all readers and part 2 is interactive questions and in depth case studies. My earlier post on Foam Rolling Timing shows the difference between generic content and some of the progressive work that therapists and coaches are doing internationally. For those interested in joining the updated content we have 10 slots at a bargain of $30 for the new content. We have a limit of 10 slots (due to the questions the members ask). Some topics include posture measurement, assessments for team settings using the ipod, interviews with progressive coaches, case studies of NFL athletes, and of course the seminars that are not filmed or available to the public. PM me for more details.
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Carl Valle

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Carl is an expert coach who has produced champions in swimming, track and numerous other sports. He is one of the foremost experts in the fields of nutrition and restoration.
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