Backside Mechanics: Afferent and Efferent Systems


Many blogs will want to Jump on the Anatomy Trains bandwagon and focus on fascial connections between the toe through the hip, as this picture of Bolt shows a beautiful illustration. The reality is that muscles, be it with the addition of fascia, are slaves to the brain as Vern Gambatta stated over ten years ago. In Providence in the late 90s, Vern got on a tangent about many topics about the gait cycle and Central Pattern Generators was loosely referenced to in side discussion. The Everything is Everything concept applies strongly with neuromuscular groups serving as utility men with backside mechanics as explained in Ralph Mann’s 2011 book on page 129. What this tells us is good foot strike set’s up reflexes and one doesn’t need to cue every joint. In addition to the technique improving naturally, so does the elimination of a lot of the corrective exercise and soft tissue therapy.
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