Functional Movement Screen- Predictions and Risks


Paul Ingraham wrote an intriguing article on the Functional Movement Screen and Mel Siff’s old supertraining post was reposted recently, making everyone stop and think about the validity of 7 tests and injury rates. My functional movement of choice is locomotion, something talked about but ironically not included in some popular screens and assessments. At the end of the day you need to run and jump, and a lot of information can be get from just doing natural motions. I think the FMS is a good tool for personal training, but after 14 years I am surprised that still not gait assessment has been added. The Indianapolis Colts have been scrutinized as one of the most injured teams for 5 years now with non-contact injuries, and statistically the FMS is not helping. The FMS is not something to be tossed in the trash, since something in place that is a good thing and the process and insight of Gray Cook is extremely valuable and I suggest getting his book at Dave Draper’s website.
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