Foam Rolling Timing


When do we foam roll? At the end of training. The classic adage of finish a workout the way you wish to start the next workout can not be emphasized enough. If we need to foam roll to train what does that say about the program design and the state you left the previous session? Wouldn’t therapy be more effective having one day versus minutes? The attached photo to the right is from an athlete that used a procedure what now is popular, meaning not moving to warm-up and clearly the foam rolling wasn’t helping his quads. Heat, internal chemistry, and good movement helps with tissue quality more than therapy on average because an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure. After doing cool down exercises foam rolling and conventional methods are good options. Not everyone can afford high end therapists so it’s good to go a little longer in the warm-up and a little more gradual. Just adding 15 minutes can reap big rewards with tissue length and quality.
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