Dark Times: Injury and Failure


After reading the interviews with John Broz, a loft of debate started about how hard to train and when is ok to feel exhausted but it’s more than training intensity. Almost every athlete will encounter a dark period after injury or years of not improving, something darker than heavy training. The only person that can lead an athlete out of the dark period is the athlete of course, but along the way family, friends, and athletic staff will be there to help guide athletes out. I sometimes share stories of how athletes made it, because people forget that stars will sometimes suffer internally from demons we are not aware of; A death of a parent, a failed marriage, or other tragedy. If you are on the fence and you lost the fire it’s ok to retire. The worst place to be is in limbo as you go nowhere and loose time. The biggest risk in life is not take one, so sometimes you have to make a move when it’s not a perfect time. If you believe go for it.
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