Ivet Lalova: The Mysterious Sprint Queen


I thought that Ivet Lalova’s 10.93 and 10.77 PR would create more interest in her training. I am very interested in her training because I like a global perspective in training methods. Professor Roberto Bonomi is also an intriguing man of mystery, as he is a well respected researcher and coach of many top sprinters and hurdlers. He has an electronics background and has created some special equipment for performance enhancement that I am eager to learn about. He is also presenting a lecture of training at the Sundsvall Seminar in a few weeks on training. I am excited to learn more about what he is doing with his athletes when I am over in Sweden. My hope is to learn about the concepts, not workouts, that can give coaches options in training. I will write more later but it’s good to see what other coaches do instead of getting stuck on one or two influences.
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