More on Foot Strike: Jose Reyes and Hamstring Injuries


A lot of talk about top speed training not being necessary with most sports since the distances in team sports should be classified as acceleration. Since most sports are not starting from 3 point positions like combine tests, the athletes are going to be exposed to higher velocities of contractions with postures that will lead into hamstring problems. Unless you prepare specifically for it with actual submaximal sprinting on fast surfaces, rehab programs will fail. I am convinced after listening to Jack Blatherwick at GAIN that athletes need to get comfortable being uncomfortable or they will pull. Bad Newtonian mechanics will always trump Good lifting programs as no magical exercise can fix athletes running at 8-10mps with full effort. Jose Reyes is getting proper rest now, but the root issue is unclear to the public. My belief is that the root issue is foot strike problems noted in the picture in the above right.
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