Fixing Foot Strike: Chicken or the Egg Debate


A hip and foot connection exists with recovery mechanics. Some will argue the swing phase is based on the quality of the foot strike, while others state the hip capsule and fascial systems will create a landing issues. Some will argue that pelvic alignment or shoulder rotation will create problems leading to foot joint dysfunction. The problem with this thinking is that everyone is looking for a small cause instead of a total holistic approach. Sometimes one change creates a wonderful domino effect, while some people you need a shotgun approach. Do whatever needs to get done that will have the most impact. Ironically the smallest impact factors are the most popular as they are esoteric in nature, while the fundamentals are often tossed out as being overly simplified. Good overall training balance has worked more for myself than just cueing errors as athletes can’t do technique changes if they can’t physiologically or structurally perform it.
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