4th of July Training- Getting Work Done


We did a few extra Rocket or Star jumps today just to get few of fun but smart training elements done. Many coaches brag about the Thanksgiving day workout or Christmas session but training is a year round process that often becomes interrupted more than ever. It was interesting to see some familiar faces at the track today as those that put in the work usually get the results long term. By putting the work in, the athlete appreciates the breaks and rest periods more. Athletes may get sick because of a roommate, miss training because of funerals and weddings, and taking off days that are optional can be a problem as accidental rest is bound to happen because of real life. Plan breaks in training but realize stuff will come up. Rest periods of lower or alternate work should be programmed but always schedule training so things become an option if you need catch up work. Enjoy your fourth of July and get that grill going!
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