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The other thing that gets talked about so much is movement efficiency with screening galore, and lots of evaluation at slow speeds and corrective exercise at sometimes even slower speeds.

-Aaron Schwenzfeier

Elastic responses in running contribute a huge amount to speed reserve. Some athletes are more elastic than others, but injuries can create a massive impairment with that bounce we need to be efficient runners. Strangely many coaches talk about efficiency, what are they measuring? I have been using some therapists that use vibromyography in efforts to gage not just tonus, but the efficiency beyond a just jump mat score. Speed and endurance is not incompatible at moderate levels of conditioning because you are only as in shape of the sub-maximal velocity you can sustain. I have seen huge improvements with on athlete I am working with and because he is learning to simply learn to relax while exploiting the natural stretch reflex. Aaron’s post can be found here.
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