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Supersetting has a place, but when I hear discussion about B12 I want to hear about vitamins, not twelve paired exercises for strength and power. Now magic things are happening in weight room when one does a bunch of exercises back to back over and over? Like the problems with some circuits, rest has a purpose. Obviously intense training for prolonged periods will create some tolerance, but what is the purpose of the training and how are we measuring the results of it? Similar to the dumbbell snatch discussion about the shoulder stability benefits, what happened to to lower body power; the primary purpose of snatches? Secondary adaptations are only important after the primary focus is in place, and only after we have tested with objective data can we see how the composite of training elements is working. It would be great we could do 7 minute abs to go sub 10, but training takes time. You can’t develop reserve without the speed or power first.
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