GPS Analytics: Problems with Prediction


GPS is now the gold standard, but it’s more fool’s gold as it’s actually hurting player evaluation. Having a dot with team colors showing tracking of distance and velocities is not granular enough. Sure one can look at acceleration, fatigue drop off patterns, and trending, but the devil is in the details. Gyros and and accelerometers is also a reduction in data capture, as the center of mass is just a crude summary of what is going on with the body. Match analysis is much different than performance analysis and video with context angles and mechanical load. Mechanical load is not volume, as meters covered or average velocity doesn’t cut it with assessing activity of athletes.When I finish up my 2011 GAIN Review later I will look at the big picture when it comes to technology and monitoring workload with teams. My interview with Mladen Jovanovic sheds light to some of the problems with performance technology.
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