The Myth of Less is More


We all have heard the adage of paralysis by analysis with regards to feedback given to athlete during practice. Sometimes a few words or even just a task will do the trick when improving mechanics. I come from the school of minimalist cuing but sometimes a lengthy explanation with video review is helpful so athletes understand what is going on. Of course when you are on the track or field you got to make changes but development is a 24 hour process, not just the contact time with the athlete during training. With the use of technology such as smartphones, apps like Video Pix is a great tool because it’s rapid and easy to use when in the trenches. One caveat though is the danger of slow motion viewing, as it’s time consuming and creates a poor sense of time, leading athletes to believe they have plenty of time to do things. Having the athlete focus on tasks vs motions is very helpful for all levels.
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