Quad Stage System of Integrative Endorphin Fusion Program


Sometimes periodization becomes a little too complicated, and we forget we are training people. For 10 years I didn’t include the 6th biomotor quality, the mental and emotional side of training. The first thing I do when designing an annual plan is what social and fun variables are in the program? When HS athletes start college programs burn out is often a problem because they are not use to training for months as most high school programs compete early. Come November, many track athletes get a little flat because the thrill of competition may be 6 months ago, and that’s why a game of dodgeball on Friday instead of the extensive tempo session can spark the fun. It doesn’t matter if it’s casino night, transforming the weight room to a club and blasting techno versions of lil Wayne, or X-Box tournaments, coaches need to make sure they are involved with the fun side of life to keep training thriving.
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