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It’s important to consider what Joel Jamieson has done for sports performance because he has been very progressive in many ways. Being critical is easy, as anyone can comment on the granularity of the radar graphs, the testing modalities, and the interpretation of the omegawave readings. My response has been very surprising to many as I have said clearly that when you are bleeding edge in some areas, you have realize that things are not going to be utopian in the beginning. I don’t want him to be labeled a guy that has been a prometheus of HRV and data visualization in athletic performance, but one must give him credit for not being complacent in what the status quo is. Sport Science and boxing hasn’t really left the dark ages in many countries and MMA could have been stuck in the same era, but many coaches have helped make MMA professional instead of human cockfighting. His presentation on Energy System Development is very thought provoking and deserves a watch.
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