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I can’t do justice to what I learned from Tracey Fober last week but I must say that it was worth the trip to Texas. It’s nice to see such a perceived clash-combination of weightlifting and physical therapy but it’s far more harmonious than one could expect. Her hands on practical was very enlightening and I was able to take home some good information that wasn’t watered down or too general. My main interest was developing an athletic and healthy posture without resorting to just isolated corrective exercises. With time being a constraint we still need to train and that’s why I like programs that address problems vs exercise prescriptions. She shared a few tips and tricks without resorting to coaching candy that most presenters end up doing to satisfy the what do I use on Monday people. She is a hybrid coach and therapist that represents the future and has a great blog that can be found here. Also she sells a great DVD on called the Kono Project that is a great resource.
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