Prancing, Progressions, and Piasenta


Gary Winckler presented at GAIN some very provocative information and made me reflect on my conversations during the summer of 2008 regarding the use of prancing. With every performance coach chanting kids can’t skip today where are the youtube videos of good prancing? I am a minimalist on drills and exercises but the idea of prancing and front side mechanics has always intrigued me after watching videos of horse after conversations with Pierre-Jean. I don’t know if it works from a motor education tool but stiffness training of double and single leg locomotive jumps seems to bleed in nicely with development. They help develop specific foot strength and elasticity. I prefer doing in place work first with double leg before moving on to the rhythm work suggested by coaches. Single leg hops and bunny jumps with various knee heights are good foundational exercises. Coach Radcliffe shares his thoughts here on plyometrics in a great roundtable discussion.
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