GAIN 2011 Highlights


I spent 6 days in Houston learning and interacting with some great attendees, an experience that I will share in a pdf download later this week. With professionals from the EPL, NBA, Rugby, International Sports Institutes, D1 NCAA strength and conditioning, and private practices, it was a very strong group. To summarize the experience it was learning intensive and and contemporary. Some speakers like Jack Blatherwick made me rethink sports performance metrics with conditioning, Jimmy Radcliffe challenged me on speed reserve. Vern’s presentation with his charts on durations of adaptations was very progressive as delayed transmutation is simply not good enough anymore. Finally, it’s about creating a network of people that you feel can increase your effectiveness with various specialities of expertise, such having the luxury of bouncing ideas off of coaches and therapists in other countries, something that is truly priceless.
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Carl Valle

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