BSMPG Review: Brendon Ziegler


One of the best presentations I have seen since starting coaching in 1997, Brendon did an amazing job presenting his program at the BSMPG. It was down to earth, dense with wisdom and very refreshing. How to get 7 foot guys to lift safely, heavy, and with great technique is not an easy task. The take home message is stop making excuses and start doing the dirty work. The strength of his presentation was how he addresses the unique challenges of the sport of basketball and solves them with program design and thoughtful planning. Another great part was the array of different basketball players lifting properly with loads that actually mean something on video. Too many times we hear talk about joint angles on dartfish but come time for presentation no video is strangely not available. Brendon backed up everything with countless clips of players lifting instead of the one talent being the poster child to a program. When the DVD collection becomes available I will post the link.
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