Revolutions and Quantum Leaps?


This is not a reflection of USATF Nationals but just a reaction to what I am seeing over the last two years. I find it funny that each country thinks the other side is doing it better instead of trusting oneself. Good running and patient loading is not popular, but we need to see injury rates and improvement curves as evidence of what we are doing. One question that will be guiding next year is what is a sufficient load or intensity to stimulate adaptation. Stimulating or imprinting has to be enough to improve but not risk injury or overtraining. A good start is to be a historian of training methods and actual workouts. Copies of powerpoints or articles is not as good as actual visits or the recorded workouts themselves with a phone call or skype. Many coaches are trimming their inventories thinking being a minimalist equates to improvement, a bad idea, I believe we need to ensure what we add day to day is really working.
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