Enzyme Titration- The Hidden Adaptations


Over ten years ago, the slang Titration was passed around because of Pfaff’s work at the University of Texas and the in-house research. Now with the progressive work at Oregon, the removal of any additional volume based methods is gaining popularity. What about the deeper adaptations? Don’t we need 4k runs to get capillary growth? Perhaps the coaching theory of system depletion needs research to see how a total program (Gambetta 1999) creates indirect morphological changes. After blood work and field tests of a 100m athlete (PR. 10.10), his great profile in both VO2 and panel without doing any cross country runs was an eye opener. He had a resting HR of 52 and yo-yo run of a college soccer player, perhaps from the depletion of the body as a whole. One has to rethink warm-ups that are very low in movement and continuous methods as a culprit of the rash of injuries we see with athletes. Suggested reading is the short sprinting research on endurance by Noakes and colleagues.
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